2005 - 03 - 17

*Increased lumbering in Norway

Statistics demonstrate that the positive trend for Norwegian lumbering continues. Most forest owners' associations show considerably increased lumbering figures in comparison with 2004.

Most forest owners' associations can show increased lumbering volumes of between 10 and 26 per cent. This positive trend is expected to continue well into spring.

February figures for spruce show an increase of 8 per cent, that is 40 000 cubic metres as compared to 2004. Figures for pine show an increase of 16 per cent, or 23 000 cubic metres. Total figures for January and February 2005 show total lumbering volumes of 130 000 cubic metres above 2004 figures.

Pulpwood in particular shows the most favourable development. Market trends are well in line with prognoses indicating that increased lumbering in the future must be more concentrated on lower quality spruce and on pine.